42 Healthy Solutions: The Natural Healing App for iOS

The best way to deal with health issues is in a natural way, and if you have an iOS device the 42 Healthy Solutions app, developed by Dr. Craig Koniver, the creator of Organic Medicine is like carrying a doctor of organic medicine in your pocket and at your fingertips.

Apparently the 42 Healthy Solutions app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad, can remedy most of the most commonly occurring health issues by way of organic natural supplements and a guided regime of healthy foods.

The 42 Healthy Solutions iOS app delivers 42 natural healthy protocols, enabling access to the best natural intervention plan with supplements, dosage, and times, push notifications health tips, and online support to maintain the users new lifestyle.

The 42 Healthy Solutions app also delivers direct contact to Dr. Craig Koniver so he can answer any questions you may have. The 42 Healthy Solutions app can be downloaded to the Apple iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone as a free app from iTunes.

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