Weight Loss & Fitness via CardioTrainer Android App

There are many Android apps on the market for weight loss and fitness and we found CardioTrainer, which is a free app, you can opt for CardioTrainer Pro but this will cost you £6.08 (about US $9.99).

Even though you can choose between the free and paid CardioTrainer Android app, we always suggest trying out the free one first and see what you think, once you are happy and you want more then install the Pro version.

The free CardioTrainer app is great for running, walking, biking and many other activities. The main features include: Integrated voice output & music player, Workout schedule with reminders, Seamlessly tracks indoor and outdoor activities, comes with GPS, pedometer and calories checker, plus CardioTrainer Pro with interval workouts.

You can even access the friend activity feed to motivate you and has the first mobile Google Health partner, the app also features a heart rate monitor where you can see and even record heart rate with Polar’s Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor and use Fat Burn Zones. The free weight loss trainer and calorific diet add-ons make weight loss with your phone easy.

For those that wish to install the free version of CardioTrainer please visit the Android Market here, if you want the Pro version then visit this page here.

If you would like to learn more about CardioTrainer before installing then we recommend you visiting WorkSmart Labs. Please check out the YouTube video below of the Android app in action.

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