iPhone / iPad Torrents, No Jailbreak Needed: Beat The Restriction

If you thought it was difficult to download BitTorrent clients onto your iPhone or iPad because Apple would not allow them, think again. There is now a way to download torrents onto these iOS devices thanks to a new tutorial, which will allow you to beat the restrictions.

RedmondPie by way of iPhone Italia have recently published an article on “How To Download Torrents On iPhone, iPad Without Jailbreaking”, as you know Apple always blocks BitTorrent clients from reaching the App Store, now there is a way for all of you to try.

If you do not want to jailbreak your device there is a way to download torrents, for all this to work you will first need to install a Filer, this is an iOS App that will allow users to manage different files and of course download them.

The app is totally free, if you wish to add more than 7 files you can download the $3.99 full version of the app.

You will need to have a www.torrific.com account (yes it is free), the step-by-step guide via RedmondPie is fairly straight forward, we could do the full “how-to” here but we thought out of respect to the source you should visit them.

If you have tried to download Torrents On iPhone or iPad with jailbreaking please do come back to us, and let us know how you got on. Thanks


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