Apple iPad 3 Components Being Certified Ready For Next Year

Well now the Apple iPad 2 hasn’t been available that long really but the second iOS tablet is doing fairly well for Apple and will no doubt continue to do so, and it will be a while before we see the iPad 2 successor the Apple iPad 3 come out to play. However the word is Apple has begun certifying iPad 3 components with makers ready for next year.

According to Ubergizmo by way of DigiTimes, these alleged Apple iPad 3 component certifications are with several Taiwan based makers whilst some have already received certification such as for the LED backlight units from Radiant Opto-Electronics.

Apparently certification of panels for the third-generation iOS tablet with Taiwan based Chimei Innoux is almost complete, and apparently “industry sources” have tipped the iPad 3 LCD panel will remain at 9.7-inches.

There has been a rumour that Apple wants Samsung to produce AMOLED displays for the Apple iPad 3 and that the device would be launched later this year, as reported (here). However according to this latest rumour we wont see the Apple iPad 3 until 2012, so it looks like the Apple iPad 2 will continue to fly the Apple flag in the tablet space for some time yet.