iPhone 4 Accessories: Amphibian Waterproof Hard Case

Take photos under water with your Apple iPhone 4; this is now possible thanks to the new ‘Amphibian Waterproof Hard Case’.

Once you put your Apple iPhone 4 into the ‘Amphibian Waterproof Hard Case’, you will be able to make the smartphone waterproof to 3 metres or 9 feet allowing you to at last take pictures underwater, and all this for only £29.95 (US $37.95).

What You Need To Know: The case does not work well for taking photos in the dark, if you decide you want to go deeper than 9 feet you may possibly damage your iPhone 4, and the case must be replaced if it becomes damaged or worn.

Main Features With The Case: 100% waterproof to 3 metres (9 feet), Protects against sand and dirt, Patented secure, watertight closure system, Fits tightly around the iPhone 4, Safely take pictures under water, Make and receive calls and use touch screen with your iPhone 4 inside the case, plus it is great for outdoor use in sporting environments such as golf or windsurfing etc.

If you would like to buy the £29.95 (US $37.95) Amphibian Waterproof Hard Case for your Apple iPhone 4, please visit Proporta.

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