Cheryl Cole Sacked from Xfactor: Support Her via Apps

The latest new covering Cheryl Cole being sacked from Xfactor has caused a little stir, to say she was booted from Xfactor in the United Stated because no one could understand her accent is pathetic. Let’s support our UK beauty via Android and iPhone apps.

We have 3 Android and 2 iOS apps just for you; we have photos, photo stream, and SMS-S, quiz and news apps. There are many more but we thought these would be exiting enough.

Cheryl Cole Photos

The first app is ‘Cheryl Cole Photos’ by CasafreePro. This Android app contains over 5000 photos of the sexy Cheryl Cole; you can download wallpapers, photos and fan art of Cheryl Cole. The application allows you to comment, vote and even share photos with you friends, please install right now for free via the Android Market.

Cheryl Cole Photo Stream

Staying with Android, the next app is ‘Cheryl Cole Photo Stream’ by Bowkett Direct Apps, this app is also free and allows you to view the latest photographs of celebrity Cheryl Cole as soon as they are posted onto Flickr, you can even view photos that are taken nearest to your location. Install now via Android Market

Cheryl Cole SMS-S

The third app via Android Market (Free) is ‘Cheryl Cole SMS-S’ by TopMogcha. This app allows users to look at photos of Cheryl Cole when you receive a message; pictures are selected using the keyword “Cheryl Cole”. These photos will change each time you get a text message.

Endless Quiz – Cheryl Cole

Now moving onto iOS, we have a great app fro you called ‘Endless Quiz – Cheryl Cole’, this app is 59p or US 99 cents and main features include: Basically answer questions about the singer and Ex X Factor judge, there are many questions for you too answer, multiple choice format, Answers correct out of total, How many you’ve got right in a row so far and Percentage correct. Visit iTunes now for more information.

Cheryl Cole News App

The next iOS app is ‘Cheryl Cole News App’ by BAM! Software. Main features include: Up to the second news updates on the star, gathers information via Flickr, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube and many more. Visit iTunes for more info.