Apple iOS 5 Copycats WebOS, Android & BlackBerry

Apple has brought to the table the new iOS 5 and all the features not as impressive as you think. The word “Copycats” comes to mind when you look at what they have implemented, they seem to have copied WebOs, Android and BlackBerry.

Think about the new features in the new iOS 5, such as OTA (Over the Air) updates, New Notifications, iMessage, Syncing iTunes Via WiFi, Twitter Integration and Flag Emails.

Apple has not really brought anything new to the table within the new iOS 5 update, all they have done is added what other companies have added to their devices. Check out the six not so innovative features below.

Over the Air (OTA) WebOS and Android are, already using updates and Notifications, which is two features that has been copied. Then the third is the syncing iTunes with WiFi, this has not been built into Android but nether the less with third-party app DoubleTwist you can sync smartphones with iTunes over WiFi.

The new iMessage is basically BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is the fourth, how about Twitter Integration being the fifth; WebOS has this feature aka Palm’s “Synergy”. The sixth is Flag Emails for Follow-up that WebOS and Android already uses on devices, both can flag emails for follow-up at a later time.

Read the full story breakdown via Fox Business, they explain a little more. Do you think Apple has just copied other companies? Ok it is still fantastic that Apple has these new features and those using iOS devices will be smiling a little, but not anything innovative really is it.


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