Apple Store Used to Promote Windows: Video

If you are a fan of Windows then what better way to get one up on Apple than to slap a Windows logo on an Apple store that is undergoing renovation? In a rather cheeky move a couple of guys slapped a Windows Logo onto the side of an Apple store in Germany and made a video of the move, which we have for your viewing pleasure below.

The video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Redmond Pie and by way of Engadget, the WavCollective, who carried out the defacement of the Germany Apple Store in Hamburg Germany in broad daylight, and went unchallenged.

Although the word is Microsoft had absolutely nothing to do with the prank as the guys say the logo wasn’t actually an official Windows logo as the guys apparently got the blue and green panels somewhat mixed up.

Anyway head on down and hit that play button to check out the cheek of these two guys in action as they deface one of Apple’s precious stores, no word on just hw long the logo remained in position though…enjoy.