iOS 5: Apple Finally Catching Up with Android

Well Apple delivered all they could deliver at WWDC 2011 and for the mobile world Apple came up with iOS 5 and iCloud, but no new hardware, so no doubt will be quite a disappointment to some. Basically Apple has now dragged their way from lagging behind Android to come up to the same level now that iOS 5 has been unveiled.

Now I know the iOS faithful will call this rubbish, but basically all Apple has done with iOS 5 is give iOS users what Android users have had for a long while. The guys over at Engadget have done an article on all the iOS 5 details and lets take a look.

Apple stats, well we needn’t really go into those as everyone knows that the iPhone and Apple iPad is successful, but so is Android. So what does iOS 5 offer the iPhone and iPad faithful?

Well how about a nice little copy of the Android notifications system, yes folks Android has had that notification system for quite a while, and now Apple has caught up. Twitter integration is now offered with iOS 5 where you can tweet images from your phone’s gallery…guess what my Android Samsung Galaxy S can do that too.

So what about this iMessage? Well it’s much like BlackBerry Messenger, or perhaps GTalk, yes folks Android owners use Gtalk that allows you to send messages, over 3G and WiFi, who would have thought! If you want to do anything else well as Apple says…there’s an app for that, and there’s always Gmail of course.

Then there is of course iCloud, I haven’t yet looked into depth with iCloud but it pretty much sounds like you can store your gear on the cloud, just like many other cloud storage services including Google, you know them they came up with Android.

So you see although I am probably a little bit bias as I am an Android user, I can’t really see that iOS 5 is something to get that excited about as if you had been on Android you’d be used to most of this stuff long ago.

Feel free to shout out your abhorrence or agreement with my views of Apple and iOS 5 to our comments area below.


2 thoughts on “iOS 5: Apple Finally Catching Up with Android”

  1. Philo says:

    They’re right though.  The update is dross.  Had an iphone since iphone 3.  The 3gs was a waste of time.  The marquee aspect of the iphone 4 was Facetime, and how many people actually use that?  And the 4s’ big selling point is actually an app that already existed but has just been jazzed up.  Contract ends in december, and so does my allegiance to iphone.  Look at how many people have been crying out for something as simple as a T9 / Multi tap keyboard on the iphone.  Don’t they read reviews and suggestions?  I’ve had an iphone for years now but would still jump at the chance of it having a T9 keyboard as an option.  Apple’s latest revleation is merely just a catch up to other phones already available.  Visionaries? Nah!