iOS 5 Official : Notification Center (Android-Like) & Twitter integration

iOS 5 is now official and the features are absolutely stunning, the two we will mention here now is the Notification Center and the deep Twitter integration.

The new iOS 5 (operating system) announced today, means that the notifications will see a whole new light, say hello to the ‘Notification Center’, which will aggregate various app alerts. When a notification comes in it will pop-up on your screen that seems to be Android-like.

For example, if you get a Twitter, Facebook message or even a missed call it will pop-up on the top of your screen, when this happens all you need to do is swipe the message downwards and it will take you to a list. If you swipe across any of the notifications it will take you to the corresponding app. Check out Engadget’s photo gallery and see what you think.

Next up is deep Twitter integration; this will work for all of its iOS-based devices including apps, Photos, Maps, Camera and even Safari. The integration will also go onto Contacts meaning that you can link your contacts to their Twitter name (handle), which will allow you to keep their information updated accordingly, yet again this is like Android.

You can even sign into Twitter only once (in Settings), and then share those credentials with any app that requests them. We will bring you more news on this a little later today. Please view Engadget’s photo gallery here.

Are you more excited about Twitter integration or the Notification Center?

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