Steve Jobs Puts Medical Leave on Hold for WWDC 2011

As the followers of Apple know, iPhone, iOS and Apple iPad guru and Apple main guy Steve Jobs is currently on medical leave for the third time; however it appears that Steve has put that medical leave on hold for a while so he can attend WWDC 2011.

According to the guys over at Itproportal, Steve Jobs is to break his medical leave in order to attend the Worldwide Developers Conference at Moscone West in San Francisco to unveil Apple’s new iCloud service.

Apple’s iCloud service is basically content sharing on the cloud for the iOS faithful enabling music streaming to Apple gear such as the iPhone and Apple iPad, much like Spotify and apparently Apple had formed a deal with 4 top labels in the music industry, Sony, Warner Music, Universal and EMI.

The word is not only will Steve Jobs unveil iCloud, but may also likely demonstrate the latest Apple operating system, iOS 5. One would presume that once Steve has done his job at WWDC 2011 he would resume his medical leave.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Surlelu Steve jobs gave birth to Apple , raredans cared for it through ages …when needed revivwed it and today also is with Apple as its saviour