iPhone 5 8MP Camera Sensor Deal Struck with OmniVision

Yes there is life after WWDC 2011 and iOS 5 even if the latest rumour is about Apple’s next generation iOS smartphone, the iPhone 5. So what’s the latest rumour doing the rounds? Well apparently OmniVision has managed to snag the deal to supply 8 megapixel camera sensors for the iPhone 5.

According to an article over on 9to5 Mac, DigiTimes is reporting that OmniVision has apparently managed to grab the majority of orders for their CMOS image senor for the iPhone 5 and that Sony will take up any slack.

Here’s what the DigiTimes article says…” OmniVision has grabbed a majority of total CMOS image sensor (CIS) orders placed by Apple for the fifth-generation iPhone, market sources have claimed. Meanwhile, power amplifier (PA) supplier Avago Technologies has landed orders for the WCDMA version of the device for its first time, according to the sources. About 90 percent of the CIS orders for Apple’s new iPhone will be supplied by OmniVision, while Sony takes up the remainder, the sources said. The upcoming device will feature a built-in 8-megapixel camera, the sources added. TSMC will use BSI (backside illumination) process technology at its Fab 14 to produce CISs used in the new version of iPhone, the sources revealed.”

So there you have it, OmniVision is to deliver the 8 megapixel camera sensors for Apple’s next generation iOS smartphone, now whether that be the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 depends on what you want to call it, no word on when OmniVision has to have the components ready though.