Apple iPad and Android Tablets OnLive Player App Coming

For all you gaming fanatics out there that use the Apple iPad or an Android tablet you may like to know that during E3, cloud based gaming firm OnLive unveiled their OnLive Player app for iOS and Android tablets that will deliver virtually all OnLive games to the devices.

According to the guys over at Slash Gear, OnLive currently have more than 100 games available and these games will be able to be played on tablets via the touch screen or via OnLive’s Wireless Controller. The OnLive Play App enables the gamer to use their Apple iPad or Android tablet without the controller and can be used with an HDTV.

The OnLive Player app for iOS and Android tablets is due release later in the year and features such things as Facebook integration with Brag Clip videos, full voice chat in multiplayer mode, instant no obsolescence gameplay, and spectating live gamplay.

Below you will find a short video for your viewing pleasure previewing a few of the games available for OnLive, and includes previews of Homefront, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, Pure, Amnesia The Dark Decent and more…enjoy.

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