HTC Thunderbolt Extended Battery, Huge 4500mAh by Mugen

If you are looking for more battery power on your HTC ThunderBolt 4G, Mugen Power has the answer with the huge 4500mAh extended battery. This battery also comes with a battery door.

Got to admit though, you really need big pockets with this one. Many users of the HTC ThunderBolt have complained about battery life, it is rather bulky but hey more life is always good right. It is very thick indeed; please watch the YouTube video below this article provided by MugenPowerBatteries.

Customers no that the HTC Thunderbolt is a battery thirsty smartphone, but with this accessory add-on on sale for $108.95 you will get all the life you need to play more on your phone. Please visit Mugen Power for the option to buy.

Got to quite funny when you walk down the street with a big bulge in your pocket, the question “Are you pleased to see me” pops into mind here, sorry for the pun but come on it is funny.

If you have already purchased the Mugen Power 4500mAh extended battery for the HTC Thunder 4G please do let us know. Your personal reviews are very important to us. Large image above via Android Police.

More Battery News: Verizon has a hidden low price for the HTC Thunderbolt battery, now only £19.99, read more about this here.

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