Google +1 (Plus One) Button on Phones Review

We here at PhonesReview have now added the new Google +1 (Plus One), and hopefully our readers will like this addition to the site. We love social networking and learning all the time, so to add this new Google service we hope it is what our readers would like.

If you look on the our homepage you will notice the Google +1 recommendations on the right hand side under our Facebook Like button, all articles that are published has the Google +1 button as well, which means you can like individual articles.

Social networking is very important and keeps everyone together and in the know, we would love for you to spread the word and build up our Google Plus One presence.

The Google +1 button on PhonesReview is shorthand for “this is pretty cool” or “you should check this out.” By you clicking on the +1 button it means you are giving us your stamp of approval, it also allows friends, contacts and others on the Internet to find the best stuff, if you like it plus one it please.

If you click on any of the +1 buttons being it the homepage or on each article, you will need to be signed into Google for the improved search results to work.

Once again, please spread the word about the new PhonesReview Google +1 (Plus One) button addition. We love you and we would really like for you to love us back by letting everyone know.