iOS 5 Ends i0n1c Untethered Jailbreak

No doubt iPhone jailbreakers were delighted to hear that the tethered jailbreak via Limera1n is still active with iOS 5, and there was apparently some hope that i0n1c’s untethered jaibreak would also still work; however the latest word is that the untethered jailbreak by i0n1c has been killed with iOS 5.

According to the guys over at iPhone Download Blog, a tweet from @i0n1c has confirmed that the untethered jailbreak has been killed off with iOS 5, here’s what i0n1c tweeted…

“R.I.P. — I just heard Apple killed the ndrv_setspec() integeroverflow and his friends in iOS 5.0b1 — if this is true the untether is dead.”

So there you have it, if true then the untethered jailbreak is gone for now, but no doubt someone will crack the case again in the not too distant future hopefully, but until then you still have the option of the tethered iPhone jailbreak via Limera1n.

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