Your Thoughts on Dual-Mode iPad 3 & iPhone 5 Hints

The Apple iPad 3 and the iPhone 5 will be releasing at some point, but something interest that the new iOS 5 beta hints of dual-mode models.

Earlier on today PhonesReview colleague James, reports that there is Apple iPad 3 mentions found in iOS 5, read more about that here. This has prompted us to ask you what your thoughts are on this, please read below of a recap.

TUAW reports that in the in USB config files that were found within the iOS 5 beta, there was a mention of references to iPad 3,1 and iPad 3,2. The files also showed iPhone4,1 and iPhone4,2, this means that this is the iPhone 5, the new iPhone 5 will be 4th generation, which makes sense seeing as the iPhone 3G was technically 1st generation.

This means that the iPad 3 will be dual-mode (GSM and CDMA versions), do you think there will be only one dual-mode iPad 3 or will Apple release two separate models? Your thoughts please in the commenting area provided below.

Source – CultofMac


One thought on “Your Thoughts on Dual-Mode iPad 3 & iPhone 5 Hints”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I fully expect we’ll see dual-mode in both the iPhone and iPad in the next model. Current models already contain a chipset that supports both protocols.