Angry Birds Plays Nice on B&N Nook Touch: Video

If you own a Barnes & Nobel Nook Touch device, apparently you can now gain root access to the eInk Nook although doing so will void your warranty. But it appears someone has rooted the B&N Nook Touch and posted Angry Birds onto the device and we have a little video evidence of that for your consideration below.

The Android based Barnes & Nobel Nook Touch running Angry Birds video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Phandroid and by way of YouTube user JFreke, and shows Angry Birds playing nice on the device, well as nice as it can get at the moment anyway.

Apparently the Angry Birds port to the Nook Touch isn’t that great, the eInk adjusts to differing levels of grey for changing shades and colours, and according to Jfreke it isn’t exactly playable and tends to flash quite a bit, and can’t handle screen scrolling when you throw a bird.

However, if you feel like having a go at rooting your B&N Nook Touch you can grab all the necessary from NookDevs, or you could just head on down and check out the footage to see if it is really worth the hassle…enjoy.