Install iPhone iOS 5 Beta now without Developers Account

The new iOS 5 firmware was announced on Monday at WWDC, and it was only released to developer account holders. Not any more readers, because below is a how to install the iOS 5 beta onto your iPhone.

A reader via Gizmodo has found a way on how to install the new iOS 5 onto your Apple iPhone, and you do not have to register its UDID with Apple. Before we start we just want to let you know this is possible through the Voice-Over security flaw within the activation screen.

To start the process you will need to get the iOS 5 firmware, you can find the iOS 5 IPSW for your iPhone via a Google search. Connect your iPhone into iTunes and then click “Check For Update”. Manually select the iOS 5 IPSW file you downloaded and update your iPhone from that.

Once this is done please follow these steps: Triple click the home button to activate the Voice Over, then triple click the home button and Emergency Call will appear, you will then need to click on the Emergency Call then while it is switching, swipe your three fingers down.

After the above has been done you will see the Notification Center appear, click on the Weather widget, then Weather app will load, last but not least click the home button to exit to the iPhone’s springboard.

If all the above is done correctly your iPhone will be activated with all the iOS 5 beta goodness. It has been suggested that you do not try this on your primary device. Remember if it goes wrong we are not responsible as we just report the news, also id it goes wrong you might end up with a brick. Try the above at your own risk

If you do try it out, please come back and let us know how you got on. Thanks

Source via Cult of Mac (read in list format here)


8 thoughts on “Install iPhone iOS 5 Beta now without Developers Account”

  1. If your phone is not registered as a development device you will not be able to activate the device (I just found this myself) so no phone calls or texts etc.

    @Hazwan sounds like you need itunes 10.5 beta for itunes to recognise the device.

    You will need to downgrade using itunes back to 4.3.3. Turn the device off, hold down the home button, plug the usb in, Itunes (even 10.3) should then recognise the device in recovery mode so you can reinstall 4.3.3.

  2. Carlos Crane says:

    if you are on an ipod or ipad, lock it and triple click the home button. tap on the battery status. at the end it will say swipe with 3 fingers to open notifications. do that. then unlock and tap on weather. there you go! you are in too! 😀

  3. Just to remind everyone that goes ahead with the above – You do this at you own RISK – We are not held responsible. Thankyou for your comments so far, please help other readers if they need help.

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