Nokia Stock Price Drop, Buy Shares Now

If you are looking at buying shares in Nokia this is the time to do it, the Nokia stock has dropped by 35 per cent this year giving investors a sentiment to buy now.

The mobile phone company recently struck a deal with Microsoft with its new Windows Phone 7 embrace, and even though Nokia has a 8.6% yield and a cost of only six-times cash flow it seems stock is becoming very attractive indeed.

Even though Nokia’s stock has dropped they are in a great position with the new product line-up aka WP7 smartphones, Nokia has only generated 3.8% of its sales in the U.S, 7% in India, 3.6% in Brazil, 17% in China and 4.1% in Russia. The firms share price has hit a low of 19% in just five trading sessions according to The Street.

The Street say’s “a Nokia share costs a book-value multiple of 1.2, a sales multiple of 0.4, a free-cash-flow multiple of 5.7 and an enterprise-value-to-EBITDA ratio of 3.3, 73%, 90%, 75% and 78% discounts to technology industry averages”.

Visit the source above for more in-depth figures, is it the right time now to invest in Nokia and buy shares considering the stock price has dropped?

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