Do we need iPhone 5 release? iOS 5 is outstanding

We are about to get down and dirty and ask you a question, hopefully you do not find it a stupid one. Is the Apple iPhone 5 release needed? The reason we ask this is the fact that the new iOS 5 is outstanding in every shape and form.

The new iOS 5, which is in beta stage at the moment is magical, outstanding and feature special, so do we really need a new Apple smartphone just yet? Personally Apple should release the next phone in June 2012 so that we can enjoy the iOS 5 goodness on our current iPhone’s.

The next iPhone has not even got a name just yet, will it be the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S or iPhone 4G, or even iPhone 4GS, come on stranger things have happened. The point we are putting across is, why do we need a new iPhone, ok yes it would come with the new iOS 5 already pre-installed but the iPhone 4 is good enough. The next-gen iPhone will only come with a few different features such as new design, such as curved screen, maybe a better camera (Some say 8MP), better processor.

Our recipe is, iPhone 4 with iOS 5 and connected to the iCloud, that is a dish even Gordon Ramsey would enjoy and he is a fussy man.

There over 200+ features in the new iOS 5 and these are the best ones:

Notification Center: Notifications don’t interrupt you and disappear quickly, Swipe down to reveal Notification Center, View stocks and weather, Check voicemail with a swipe from the Lock screen, Swipe to respond to a notification from the Lock screen and Tap a notification to respond from any app.

iMessage: Send photos, videos, contacts, or locations, Ellipsis points appear when someone’s responding, Begin a conversation on one iOS device and pick it up on another, all of this via 3G or WiFi. iMessage is built into the Messages app, Track your messages with delivery receipts and optional read receipts, you can even see when someone is typing.

Newsstand: iOS 5 organizes your magazine and newspaper app subscriptions in Newsstand, Alerts tell you when new issues arrive, Tap to shop the App Store for new subscriptions, Newsstand keeps your subscriptions in one place, Search for titles, view ratings, and Buy a new subscription and it appears in Newsstand.

Reminders: View reminders by date, Reminders appear in a clean, ordered list, Add items to your to-do list, choose to be reminded at a particular time or place, An alert appears when you’re near a destination.

Twitter Integration: Twitter is integrated system-wide, Sign in once and tweet as you go, Say where you’re tweeting from, Use the camera to take a snapshot, Tap tweet is built right into the Camera app, and add some text and tap Send. Tweet from Safari, Tweet from YouTube and Tweet from maps.

Camera: Press the volume-up button to take a picture, Access the camera from Lock screen with one simple tap, Turn on grid lines to help you compose a shot, Touch and hold to lock focus and exposure, and Just pinch your fingers to zoom in.

There have been new features added to: Photos, Safari, brand new PC Free feature that means no wires and OTA updates, new features added to Mail, Calendar, Game Center, Wi-Fi Sync and so much more.

The features in the new iOS 5 is astonishing to say the least, once this new update is released to the publics we say that the iPhone 4 is more than enough and an iPhone 5 is not needed, well not at least until 2012.

Please let us know what you think, do we need an iPhone 5 release this year, or should we just settle for the awesome new features with the new iOS 5 update? Please vote below using our poll system.

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9 thoughts on “Do we need iPhone 5 release? iOS 5 is outstanding”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Defiantly Need the Next the Iphone For one reason The Iphone 4 doesn’t have 4G so I say yes. If it had 4G I would get the I phone 4 but it doesnt

  2. Jebby Rajan says:

    I agree with you. The iphone 4 with the iOS5 would definitely rock and is more than capable of taking on the competition. I personally think given how smooth things run on the ip4 we can probably wait another year for a truly out of this world upgrade.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I very much like and have always liked the iPhone 4’s flat, very thin, Metal and Glass design, it simply cannot be improved-on in terms of form-factor and aesthetic appearance. Incidentally a curved screen would be a disaster, well at least for me. It would look like some kind of by-focal-lense unappealing abomination and it was the curved clunky back of the iPhone 3G/3GS that was a bit of a turn off. So I really am happy with the super-slim sexy timeless design of the iPhone 4. However that’s where it ends.

    My frustrations with the iPhone 4 are obviously not design, but features as follows:-

    1. Memory – While 32GB maybe enough for some people whom have a tiny iTunes collections, only a handful of photos to sync from iPhoto to iPhone and are happy with just storing several Apps… however unfortunately it causes me and some other serious users constant frustration. I cannot store most of my iTunes library so that most songs are on-tap ready to play and not being dependant on syncing to computer all the time. Iv’e never been able to freely sync my iPhoto collection or even half of it, I have to create a separate folder, drop some photos into it then sync and then re-sync if I want to change them over and over again. iTunes removes the photos completely if there’s not enough room i.e. with Apps taking up the memory, which brings me to the Apps themselves; now I like downloading Apps very regularly and also like to have as many possible stored on the iPhone so that they are ready to bring up at any moment in time.. but there’s not enough storage by far. Just the Tom Tom , Navigon and Mobile Maps navigation Apps alone are virtually 2GB each with others growing in size.

    The iPhone should be on 256GB by now, let alone 128GB or 64GB. Ironically you can buy a 256GB tiny flash USB stick in some places.

    2. Although the camera’s not too bad on the iPhone 4, however 8MP plus would be moro welcome.

    3. An actual tiny ‘Xenon’ flash for the iPhone’s camera would ensure for once that it can take good photos in very dark locations. However I must confess and admit that the current LED in the iPhone 4 actually does an incredible job for a mere LED flash – very impressive compared to other LED flash’s on mobiles.

    4. OLED, Organic LED display please. Have you ever tried the countless clock, alarm clock and weather/clock station Apps out there for the iPhone that are designed to stay on through the night so that you can turn your head and see the time at night; except that you can’t sleep because of the eminent constant hugh and glow coming from the supposed black area of the display, except that it’s not black because of the light seepage behind the active ‘filled-in’ pixel thats trying to block the constant back-light behind the display. The darkened pixels can appear to do a good job during the daylight, however in dark locations and night time the black areas have a glow to them and can almost partially illuminate a room at night making it very hard to sleep.

    There are other things, but I’ve mentioned some of the important ones here. Above all the iPhone needs to remain slim, which means that it has to be charged up often, but then again who wants a brick and if battery power tick you boxes then go and get a battery case – this way you have the best of both world (with a brick your stuck in one world).

    Lastly, can you imagine a future iPhone with Satellite communication capability to use anywhere on the planet (not 2/3G cellular mast dependant) – Wow!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have just broke my 3GS, the contract runs out next month and my sim card is in a cheap Nokia. I am not going to buy an iPhone 4 its design is over a year old,(an eternity in phone land) and my 3GS was 2 years old and i was getting fed up with that phone. so if apple don’t release an iPhone 5 soon then its the Galaxy S2 i’m afraid. Even though I don’t want to, but I cant settle for an out of date design when duel core is on the scene.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I believe the ones who voted no in the above poll are iPhone 4 users. Who still have a year left to go on their contracts and don’t want their phones to be outdated, plus some android users.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I believe the ones who voted no in the above poll are iPhone 4 users. Who still have a year left to go on their contracts and don’t want their phones to be outdated, plus some android users.

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