Periodic Table New Elements 114 & 116 Prompts iOS App

The periodic table is famous for its elements and we all remember it in school, two new chemical elements have just been added to the table aka numbers 114 and 116. This has prompted us to bring you a very good iOS app.

The new elements last for less than a second according to the Guardian and settles down with the likes as gold, tin, carbon and zinc, the new elements 114 and 116 taking the place of copernicium and roentgenium.

The free iOS app is called ‘Periodic Table of the Elements’, this is the standard periodic table of the elements and we would recommend downloading it, if you do not like it just delete it, its free remember.

If you love exposed chemistry you will really love this application, you can select a chemical attribute and have the entire chart colour coded. Main features include: Atomic Number, Electronegativity, Chemical Family, Melting Point, Radioactivity, State (Solid, Liquid or Gas) and Boiling Point.

For more information and option to install please visit iTunes, love toy hear from those that already have this applications. Your reviews are important to us.

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