iPad 2 For Verizon Being Recalled?

There might be some unknown problem with Apple iPad 2 tablets from Verizon as the scuttlebutt hitting the net waves is Verizon iOS tablets coming out of China are being retuned to Apple mid shipment, and apparently no one has a clue as to why.

According to the guys over at 9to5 Mac, the tablets that seem to be the ones being returned are all Verizon units that are engraved and shipped by FedEX.

The word is the Apple Discussions forums is rife with Apple iPad users with similar complaints. Apparently one reader has posted that they were supposed to get their 64GB iPad today but Fedex returned it to Apple and stated Apple had requested its return.

Another irate iPad hopeful says that their iPad 2 made it to within 40 miles of their home from China and then was returned to sender. On calming Fedex they stated it was an Apple request, so checking with Apple they got the reply…“why would we ask to return your ipad that you have been waiting for.”

Yet another irate poster had this to say…” FedEx said that if the shipper requests a return, they return, no questions asked,” and goes on to say…” Apple insists that someone, not Apple, requested that the iPads be returned to sender and that Apple is investigating. They say they will expedite previous orders and will reship in 24 hours.”

Thus it appears that Verizon iPad 2 tablets are being flagged for return for some reason Fedex or Apple isn’t letting on about. So we’d like to know if any of our readers are experiencing this “recall” issue with their ordered Apple iPad 2, or if they have, have they received any explanation as to why their iPad was returned.

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