Low Calorie Summer Desserts: Apps for Android & iOS

It has always been said that you are what you eat, and when it comes to calories we must make sure we get the right amount. We all love desserts and we love to watch our calorie count, below we have two low calorie summer desserts apps for you, one for Android devices and the other for iOS.

First up is ‘Low Calorie Pudding Delights’ for Android priced at £1.82; summer is always about desserts, cold drinks, milk shakes, juices and much more. This app has recipes with low in calorie ingredients and healthy nutrients, for more information and option to install please visit the Android Market.

The second app is for iOS devices, this one is called ‘Pudding Delights-1: -Low Calorie, Delicious Vegetarian Delicacies’,

Puddings, desserts, call them what you may are normally very high in calorie, but with this app just like the one above, these dessert recipes are made low in calorie and rich in other nutrients. For more information about this app and option to install on your iOS device please visit iTunes.

If you know of any Android or iOS apps that offer desserts with low calorie, please let us know what it is called. If you have either of the apps mentioned above we would love for you to send in your personal reviews. Thanks

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