iOS 5 (iPhone 4) Unlock with Gevey SIM Pro: illegal

A new SIM called the Gevey Pro will unlock the iPhone 4 on iOS 5, the SIM is only $28 but a warning is issued here.

The Gevey SIM has been said to be illegal, and we here at PhonesReview recommend not using this SIM to unlock the iPhone 4 on iOS 5, your choice and your risk of course, in a nutshell please do not kill the messenger.

If you visit Redmond Pie, a reader sent in some screenshots of his own Apple iPhone 4 being unlocked using the Gevey SIM. This SIM also works without the need of a jailbreak, please visit ApplenBerry for more information.

The Gevey Pro Features:
More Stable, Compatible with more Sim, Minor bug Fix, and the package content includes Custom GEVEY Sim Tray, Instructional Booklet and a GEVEY Pro Sim.

Please let us know what you think of the above, will use the new Gevey Pro SIM to unlock your iPhone 4 on iOS 5?

Source – iDB


4 thoughts on “iOS 5 (iPhone 4) Unlock with Gevey SIM Pro: illegal”

  1. @KhristianLloyd says:

    The Gevey Sim WON’T unlock the iPhone on iOS 5 if your baseband has been updated to 04.11.18.

    However it WILL unlock an iPhone 4 if you preserve the old baseband at 04.10.01.

    Please check your baseband at (settings/general/about/modern firmware) before purchasing any Gevey Sim devices.

  2. Samkckwok says:

    Sucks takes so long n is not easy at all. Sometimes work diesnt doesnt. Manage to havev the phone unlock at the end but then can not use my the data.

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