iPhone 4 Handsets Space Bound On Atlantis

Space…the final frontier; this is the final voyage of space shuttle Atlantis; her final mission, to take with her two iPhone 4 smartphones, that will boldly go to the International Space Station to complete four experiments…sorry, being a Star Trek fan I just couldn’t resist.

Now down to business, you probably got the gist of this article with my little take on ST above, according to an article over on Phone Arena by way of Cnet, when the space shuttle Atlantis takes off on NASA’s final shuttle mission next month she will indeed be carrying two iOS smartphones.

Each of said iPhone 4 handset will have installed an app called SpaceLab for iOS created by Odyssey Space Research and will perform four experiments that include one called “Limb Tracker,” which will take pictures of this blue planet.

In the words of the research firm…“Matching an arc to the horizon through manipulation of an overlay,” the experiment will help to “yield an estimate of altitude and ‘off-axis’ angle, a measurement of the angle of the image with respect to the Earth’s center.”

Another experiment is a “sensor calibration experience” which will apparently help to improve future iPhone experiments and the accelerometer and gyroscope will come up with the shuttle’s latitude and longitude.

For the iPhone faithful out there that wish to perform the same experiments using info to simulate the presents of this planets gravity, Odyssey Space Research have released the app for purchase, and you can download the app from iTunes at a cost of $0.99 so you can keep up with the space faring fun.

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