Best Sunscreen for your skin: EWG Buyers Guide App

The sun is coming, not sure when but it will and it is always safe to find the best sunscreen for your skin. Finding the perfect sunscreen with prices and all the information can now be easily done with the ‘EWG Sunscreen Buyers Guide’ App.

The EWG application for iOS devices is brilliant in the way it will let the user know about the sunscreens safety and effectiveness ratings for 1,700 SPF products, it includes many options such as SPF-labelled lip balm, moisturizer and even makeup.

The app gives users overall efficacy and overall safety listings, main features include: Health hazards associated with listed ingredients (based on a review of nearly 60 standard, UVB protection, UVA protection and the balance of UVA/UVB protection.

The results within this app uses methods and content based on reviews of the technical sunscreen literature, this is a great app and suggests users who wishes to be out in the sun to download now via iTunes.

Please let us know if this is the best sunscreen app for your skin, your reviews helps us establish if it is a good or bad iOS applications. So please get the reviews rolling in, other readers will appreciate them. Thanks

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