Samsung Galaxy S2 For Sprint Possible Release Date

Those over in the good ole US of A know that the successor to the highly successful Samsung Galaxy S, the Samsung Galaxy S2 is heading for the Sprint network, but so far Sprint of Samsung hasn’t let on just when the Android smartphone will see release, but we have word on that matter for you today.

According to the guys over at Talk Android, the general consensus was that the Samsung Galaxy S2 also know as the Sprint Within, would see release sometime in July, but no real date was bandied about.

However, according to the guys, they have now received word of a possible release date for the Sprint Android 2.3 Gingerbread packing Galaxy S2 from what they say is an old friend and now Sprint store manager who says the whispers doing the rounds is the 24th of July.

Now one could look at this as just rumour, but the guys back up this with another accounting, apparently they inquired of an employee about the Galaxy S2 and Motorola Photon, to which the employee replied that they should wait for the Galaxy S2 as “nothing is certain, but management has told us that the S2 is planned on being released early the last week of July. I’ve heard 24th.”

So there it is, 2 different people, 2 different stores that seem to say the Sprint Galaxy S2 will indeed see the light of day by the 24th of July. Of course this isn’t in any way confirmation and should at least for now be treated as rumour. What you reckon?

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