iPhone 4 Unlocked Possibly Available in US Wednesday

If someone tweets about Apple gear it instantly does the rounds in the rumour mill, and the latest tweeted rumour fall into the ground of unlocked iPhone 4 handsets, with the latest speculation that those in the United States will be able to get their mitts on an unlocked iPhone 4 as of Wednesday.

The word according to the guys over at Cnet, is that @Chronicwire, apparently someone known as a “well known source,” has used their week old Twitter account to announce that there will be 4 versions of the iPhone 4 made available and unlocked as of Wednesday.

Apparently said iPhone 4 units will be a 16GB black model (MC603) a 32GB black version (MC605) a 16GB white iPhone 4 (MC604) and a 32BG white model (MC606,) and these iOS smartphones are to be made available from US Apple stores as of Wednesday.

Thus far unlocked iPhone 4 handsets haven’t been available in the good ole US of Awhilst many European countries and Canada have been able to offer customers an unlocked iPhone 4 for quite some time.

Still, as Wednesday is only a couple of days away we should find out if this rumour is exactly that, just rumour, or whether it is spot on. Any of our US readers interested in snapping up an unlocked iPhone 4 if it turns out to be true?

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