P90X Workout Schedule & Diet Plan iPhone App, latest craze

The latest craze, when it comes to losing weight and having the perfect diet plan, is the P90X. This is the most popular workout program and diet plan that is taking the world by storm, and now you can have all the information you need on your Apple iPhone via an iOS app.

The app is called ‘About P90X – Information on the Popular Workout Program and Diet Plan’, this application will allow users to learn about the history of P90X, the question is “Is this the perfect plan that will change your body and life?”

Just so you know this app is not associated with BeachBody, LLC or its partners and/or affiliates, just thought you should know that before we let you know about the app via iTunes. This app comes with many features including Grocery Lists for Phases 1, 2 and 3, P90X Workout Routines that includes Chest & Back, Ab Ripper X, Legs, Shoulders and so much more.

Main features Include: Profile of the P90X program, History of the Program, How it began, Understanding Muscle Confusion, Quick Guide, Nutrition Plan, Behind the Workout, Is this Workout for Me, What Equipment You Really Need, Enhancing the Program with Diet, Workout Schedules & Routines, Workouts by Muscle Group, ability to email Workout Charts and so much more.

We here at Phones Review are not ones for pushing fitness plans onto anyone, it is entirely your choice what path you take, you can visit the Workout Results site who have a lot of information covering the P90X program.

If you are already using the program we would love to hear from you, please use the commenting area below and let other readers know if this is the perfect plan or not. All reviews and opinions most welcome, thank you.


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