Strangest Laws in the World via App Truly Crazy

Strangest laws in this world, for example in Switzerland it is illegal to hang clothes out on Sunday, or what about in Thailand it is illegal to leave your house if you are not wearing underwear. There are many more strange laws in the world via an awesome iOS app.

The app is called ‘Weird Laws of the World’, and it contains hundreds of super crazy laws. Apparently in France it is forbidden to call a pig Napoleon, some are complete madness, some are very funny indeed and some are just plain stupid.

Main App Features: No Internet required, Random button picks laws at random, Email your favourite laws to your friends and you can even view laws that you missed at the beginning of the year.

This iPhone app is purely for fun, some of the laws are valid and some are not. We probably were not born when most of these laws became effective.

For more information on the strangest laws in the world, please visit iTunes. Download it now and have some fun with it. Do you know any crazy laws?

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