Samsung Galaxy S2 Problems Since iPhone 3GS Swap: Q&A

We receive many emails and today we would like to mention a few queries about ex-iPhone 3GS owners changing over to the Samsung Galaxy S2, the title says it all really and we are calling out to other Galaxy S2 owners to see if they think it is a dismal handset.

We will give you the main email hates about the SGS2 smartphone, many iPhone 3GS owners left Apple for the new Samsung phone because of software issues, bugs etc. Here are a few of the cut-down emails (Cut a long story short basically).

Email One: Making calls is a nightmare, maybe it’s me being clumsy but I seem to have problems with the ‘End Call’ button. If you hit the home menu button instead of the end call button by mistake, which takes me out of the phones menu. The call is still in process because obviously I have hit the wrong button (fair enough), now it is fine that at the top on the handset screen you see the green bar menu (similar to the iPhone when in a call), now seeing as there is no ‘End Call’ button now how do you end the call? Now with the iPhone if when in a call and you hit the home button you will see a green bar at the top showing you are still in a call, you press this and it brings the call options up again.

Phones Review Answer: This one is easy, see when you are on the main screen and the green bar is showing at the top, just put your finger on this and drag is downwards for options. This worked for us anyway.

Email Two: The iPhone was very good when sending texts and the predictive text was fantastic, since having the Samsung Galaxy S2 I find this feature deplorable to say the least.

Phones Review Answer: Not sure if I would say it is deplorable and we are not taking sides here, but we find the predictive text not so bad on the SGS2. If you prefer why not try out the Smart Keyboard Pro app that is available to download via the Android Market for only £1.77

Email Three: We received an email by a reader, and they asked if anyone has experienced problems with messages disappearing. The messages did come through bit the vanished, not sure if it is something I am doing wrong but would greatly appreciate your expertise, if you cannot answer could you so kindly ask your readers.

Phones Review Answer: We are not sure about this one, so yes we will kindly ask our readers. If you know the answer to ‘Email Three’, please do use the commenting area below. Thanks

Email Four: We have had multiple emails covering this subject, the email subject most of the time said, “Battery Life on Samsung Galaxy S2 is dismal”. There is no more to say about this here, read the answer below.

Phones Review Answer: Yes, there have been a few complaints about the battery life on the Samsung Galaxy S2. We recommend you visiting FoneHome as they have few tips on how to save battery life.

That is just four problems mentioned above via emails; there are a few more, which of course we will let you know some other time. If you own the Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone and you are having issues with it, please do let us know about them. Please answer some or all of the emails we received in the commenting area below as well please. Have you left the Apple iPhone 3GS for the Galaxy S2 and now left feeling disappointed?

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49 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S2 Problems Since iPhone 3GS Swap: Q&A”

  1. Shahzad Afzal says:

    This phone is not for silly iphone users.
    You can scelect from settings that how old email do u want to see in inbox.
    i am using this phone since 27 May i did see any problem regarding its battery life as it mentioned.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow…whoever is setting this “complaint” and answer blog up, this is such a stupid and pathetic way to try to “hinder” the coming popularity of Galaxy s2 all over. The “complaints” are not even funny….. they do sounded like those users had less than a half of a brain. Why don’t you freakin get a life and get lost with your iphone?

  3. Anonymous says:

    That Android notification bar is so complicated and intimidating, what with all of its information, access to current and recent apps, etc. Let’s keep it simple and uni-productive, because in real life, we all do one thing at a time. Baaaaa.

  4. Anonymous says:

    When your in a call just push the phone app it will take you back to the call and you can end it. How do your push the home button instead of the end call button? iphone users are funny.

  5. Darth Berne says:

    agree with @Pinehigh this honestly looks like a very, very VERY weak, in fact pathetic even, attempt to hinder the GS2. Besides, that sounds like there’s some kind of exodus of iPhone 3GS people coming over to android? Highly doubt so. They’ll most likely stay with apple anyway. And good riddance.

  6. I switched from an iPhone 3GS to the SGS II and have had no real problems. There are little quirks that I miss from the iPhone, but they pale in comparison to the pros of the phone. So far, I absolutely love my SGS II. Samsung has something really special here. I took a bit of a leap and ordered an unlocked UK import SGS II here in the states and spent a good bit on it, but I don’t regret my decision for a split second. I’m not one to give loyalty to any one brand, so I will go with whomever makes a better product. In my opinion, the SGS II blows the iPhone 4 out of the water and Android is a far better experience to iOS, to include what Apple will have in iOS 5.

  7. Anonymous says:

    You can set the home button to answer and the screen lock key to end call if you prefer hard buttons.

    Download swift key x for a truly superb typing experience. Believe me, as a middle aged user with nine thumbs this programme learns from your incompetence and corrects you like a teenager but without the bad grammar!

    As far as battery life is concerned, it may appear short but it’s probably because you can’t keep your hands off it. It really is a laptop in your top pocket! If some obscure fact comes up in conversation in the pub, the google result is there instantly.

    In simple terms the SGS2 is like Singapore airport compared to Stanstead. Everything arrives as expected and you’re not troubled by “situations beyond our control”

  8. Anonymous says:

    Why are all android phones slow to the touch response. Seems like everytime i hit one of the capacity buttons like home for example; it has a slight delay. Even in the newest models…..its like andoid is the po’boys phone….i think im gonna stick with apple’s iphone. At least i can move the screen on an iphone micromillimeter if i want. Not like an android phone where it seems laggy and glitchy…..sorry im seriously not biased but Apple hands down. They have it down to a T.

    1. Anonymous says:

      You can deny that you aren’t biased towards Apple, but your “po’boys [sic]” comment betrays you. Yeah, just because you spend a lot of money on an iPhone that means you are rich or something? Dude, people in the ghetto buy and own iPhones and drive fancy cars. Doesn’t mean they are rich.

      Unlike an iPhone, where if you have tried one, you have tried them all, you can’t possibly lump all Android phones together in one basket and claim they all act the same. Manufacturers and carriers hamstring some devices with skins like Sense and TouchWiz that may introduce some lag on certain devices (God, I remember people complaining about the Windows “skin” over DOS…haha.) While the hardware is getting better at handling these UIs, native, vanilla Android is quite responsive. On my nearly two-year old device running Donut, there is absolutely zero lag returning to home when pressing the home key. I have used an owned an iphone. Instantaneous is instantaneous. I can’t return home faster than instantaneous.

      We are all so sorry Apple has your home screen so locked down and optimized for you that you must like it, whether you like it or not. Enjoy that.

      1. Anonymous says:

        I wasnt reffering to price about thr poboy comment; but if you want to state prices well then lets see….you can pay the same price for a high end android phone and an i

        1. Anonymous says:

          Excuse me (continued) as an iphone same price but why does android not focus on their smoothness of user interface? And i have tried a samsung gs2 with touchwiz. Its a slight improvement but now where near the smoothness/glide of an ios device. So yea i will trade in my cons for the pros i get. Seems like u and others intentionally talk down on apple as if u have a chip on ur shoulder. Just more proof that apple has its products downw to a T. Trust me….im a gadget pro. And just because u can poke at androids programs and access points doesnt make it more desirable. Nothing but clunky rugged crap phones. Ur cons about mu iphone dont even make me cringe at the slightest when i think about how much nicer my iphone is…also in looks/design wise…so yea nice try but i have always had a taste for thebfiner things in life and apple is where its at. And I enjoy it all day buddy

  9. Anonymous says:

    Why are all android phones slow to the touch response. Seems like everytime i hit one of the capacity buttons like home for example; it has a slight delay. Even in the newest models…..its like andoid is the po’boys phone….i think im gonna stick with apple’s iphone. At least i can move the screen on an iphone micromillimeter if i want. Not like an android phone where it seems laggy and glitchy…..sorry im seriously not biased but Apple hands down. They have it down to a T.

    1. Anonymous says:

      I agree with you …..mobile companies should go on for a typical research and up-gradation work in this aspect Samsung needs to take of too ..coz it now it has revived itself with Samsung Galaxy S2….Should work on for it……

  10. Anonymous says:

    Quite a poor article but i do agree with the predictive text issue. I have used android since 2008 and this is by far the worst predictive text i have used which is a shame as it is quite responsive.

    the beauty is however, that i can use whatever keyboard i want too and i’m not tied down.

  11. I got one yesterday in India (Chennai)..The phone and the charger gets really hot at the camera and the ear area… gsve it back and waiting for replacement..Is thsi for all S2 mobiles.. and is ther any fix for it.. Now my imp quest: Is this one a failure model?

  12. some people are just snobs who love thier iphone. and apple will happily carge you over the odds for that. the samsung is REALLY good, but it does have its flaws. just like the 3gs and iphone 4. namly crap cameras. and not being able to use flash or a micro sd card. but on the whole its down to the users, but when getting a new phone look at this phone as it is a serious contender against apple……

    1. Carcrazyhoe says:

      No phone is a serious contender to the iphone,if that contender doesn’t work as designed.I to want to try out a different phone other than the iphone,just for the experience.But I don’t want to go from a phone that works well, just to experienced a gadget that is big on promise and short on reliability.Will be going to best buy today to check out the various choices.

  13. Hi all I purchased Galaxy S2 and since i am with Fido and the phone was from Bell I got it unlocked. it worked fine for about a week and half and then one day I came back from work and the phone’s battery was completely drained even though i had 100% battery before i left to work. anyway i charged it again and I notice that it takes around 2-3 hours to charge it full whereas iPhone 4 charges full in one hour. then after that i noticed that phone started shutting down on its own and restored on its own. it drained more battery and then i started experiencing that my calls were dropped during conversations and also felt that phone started to freeze. I am stuck with this phone, thought it would be a good replacement for iPhone 4 but i sold my iPhone 4 and now i am with this shitty phone!!!

  14. Suebailey500 says:

    I love my Galaxy S2 – but have discovered a major bug. When I changed my email password on my laptop, I couldn’t amend it on the phone. It wouldn’t accept the new password. I deleted the account from my phone to set it up agian, but it won’t connect. If I try to do it manually it tells me my user name or passwaord is wrong, and when I try to do it automatically, I get a fault message saying no connector were available. Ridiculous – you should be able to change your password as you need to!! Now my phone has no email.


    I switched from the Iphone 3GS, what i liked about the apple phone is when you checked your voice mail you could see the phone numbers and did not have to call voice mail to check your mail

  16. Xryanx138 says:


  17. Dustbuster says:

    now really..i do not want to say something that would hurt people..but android is not made for stupid people. it has so many options and is so flexible, actually i am still discovering new features every day. i think that`s why some people are getting confused with accounts settings, mail and so on. in my opinion..galaxy s2 combines power with impressive access to data; and this is just the beginning…

    1. Johnandashley87 says:

      U actually are b/c it takes everyone a week or so to figure out any new phone android or not! Unless u are a electronic geek I’m always on my iPad but figure out new stuff every day?

  18. Appleseed says:

    Well, from all the pro-sg2 comments below you can easily tell they’ve been brainwashed into believing sg2 superiority, or you know, all hired and part of Samsung marketing team. first off, predictive text absolutes sucks. for example, sometimes people want to type the word ‘in’ but accidentally type the letters ‘IB’ due to the letters being so close together . a smart predictive text would instantly know you wanted to type ‘IN’ but instead the Samsung thinks ‘oh no, they surely wanted the word ‘IBM’. secondly, battery life is so pathetic that i have to keep my charger constantry on me. Don’t even bother attempting to make a 2 hour conference call with it either, it will struggle. finally, its music player is abysmal, it skips and jump tracks whenever it wants.lastly, themes a reason iphone sells better and has more users, its not cause the people are dumb or stupid, its simply the the iphone is more dependable and more friendly. People here advancing the idea of Samsung functionality and custom interface…here’s what i have to say: so what? Its very limited and, well, just plain. there’s a reason why the iphone sued Samsung over their interface …its cause they look exactly the same so stop advancing such a stupid concept. /end rant.

  19. Sandy_570 says:

    I’m having problems with my ss galaxy s2, if I use it for dialing or receiving any calls my phone goes black and stays that way until I turn if off on the side.. So if your calling someone and have to put in a extension, you can’t because my entire screen is black. I have taken the battery out numerous times already. Anyone know, my phone is only four months old and I’m getting frustrated

  20. amanda says:

    I have the Galaxy 2 and can not work out how to read my old emails.  Once they have been read they seem to disappear.  I have my emails set up on email not Gmail.

  21. Amita Hpcic says:

    Giving problems while making and recieving calls sometime..i m not able to hear the other person..At certain times if you dail your own number from other phone…the calling tone is heard on the other phone but no incoming call is seen on samsung Galaxy s2..

  22. M Collins says:

    Why after I have read my emails do they come up as still waiting to be read.  Sometimes I have read all mails but it shows there are anything from 29 to 9 still to read. Driving me mad.  Phone is Galaxy S3.

  23. eric says:

    Lets see here iPhone 3gs 800mhz processor shitty camera Samsung Galaxy s2 1.2ghz to 1.5 ghz daulcore 8mp camera out back and a 2mp up front. Plus if you root your android phone you have options unlike iPhone where you only have cydia that and apple limts what Alps developers can put on the app store where as android they are not as limited

  24. Zaha says:

    At last. a forum where I can air my gripes. i
    Firstly, I must apologise if there are any bad spelling or grammar in this message. its a feature of my s2.
    1/ Apps crash. battery drops from 30% to 10% in seconds. can an app short out my battery?
    2/ battery from new lasts less than 24 hours
    3/ copy/paste method varies between app.
    4/ text message colours are garish
    5/ fonts are big, even the smallest size is
    6/ camera slow to respond
    7/ camera can’t focus quick enough. moment is missed
    8/ phone beeps when battery low. or charged. usually at 3am
    9/ phone vibrate when low battery – eating yet more battery life
    10/ phone signal strength lies. (tested using signal software)
    11/ phone cuts off during call
    12/ 3G drops to 2G then nothing in a strong signal area when stationary
    13/ icons are non uniform and hard to spot quickly
    14/ mp3 player stops if i turn the phone over
    15/ there is no control over privacy when installing apps

  25. Anyone having trouble with lagging and trying to make a phone call I will hit the send button and it sometimes takes up to a minute for the phone to make the call it’s like it locks up on the dialer screen and finally switches over to the calling screen. Also it locks up when trying to go into an app it takes a minute for it to actually go into the app after clicking on it and then for some reason. The menu button will pop on and off. What’s up with that

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