Steve Jobs: Co-Founder of Apple Comic: Amazon Pre-order Available

If you are one of the Apple gear faithful you’ll already know that an official biography of the lord of all things Apple, Steve Jobs will becomes available sometime next year and is called iSteve: The Book of Jobs. However for those that simply can’t wait for the official bio there is apparently a comic book on old Steve available to pre-order from Amazon.

According to the guys over at 9to5 Mac, writers Chris Schmidt and C.W. Cooke have penned the comic book titled Steve Jobs: Co-Founder of Apple and is released by Bluewater Productions with cover artwork done by DC artist Joe Phillips.

The Amazon blurb for the 32-page comic book says, Steve Jobs is a very elusive individual. He strays from the public eye. He keeps to himself. He’s not a paparazzi driven, media-hungry entity. He’s a creator, an inventor, a genius. And he’s the brains behind some of Apple’s biggest items. Learn here the story behind the man, the legend of Steve Jobs. Get the inside scoop on what drives him to create and where his first need for intelligence came from. From his first Apple computer all the way to the newest inventions, learn how this man has shaped the company, and himself, for the better.”

Apparently for those that love to read all things about the iPhone guru they can pre-order Steve Jobs: Co-Founder of Apple from Amazon as of right now, and it is expected to see release in August both online, in bookstores and in comic shops and will command a price tag of $4.00.

So any of our readers that interested they will be rushing to pre-order their copy of this latest scribbling of Apple’s main iOS guy?

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