Apple iPad Accessories: Wood Retro TV iPad Dock

If you are into something nostalgic for your iOS accessories then you just might love the Apple iPad accessory we have for you here. It’s the Wood Retro TV iPad Dock, a little bit of vintage woodwork to house your beloved iOS tablet and give it that unique appearance.

The Wood Retro TV iPad Dock is brought to our attention by the guys over at Ubergizmo and by way of Geeky Gadgets, and this retro classic wood TV dock can play nice with the original Apple iPad as well as the Apple iPad 2.

The iPad dock has been handmade in natural wood to depict an old style TV and is made to order, but is basically an iPad stand as it doesn’t actually bring anything useful to the tablet other than holding the iPad, but doesn’t have any padding whatsoever.

So basically you slip your iPad inside and that it, you could always play a few classic black and white movies on your tablet whilst in the TV dock, just to make it appear it is worth the $60 Etsy is asking for the dock, but it is a unique stand if you want one.

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