iOS App for BBC Field Reporters Under Development

The word is the British Broadcasting Corporation, the BBC is apparently developing a new app for the iPhone and Apple iPad for their field reporters that will apparently enable said BBC reporters to file audio, stills and video right from their iOS device into the BBC system.

According to an article over on Unwired View by way of Journalism, apparently the new app is currently being adapted from an existing iOS app and word has it the BBC is looking to get iPhone licenses for the existing app Luci Live to reduce their dependency on WiFi.

The head of operations for newsgathering, Martin Turner told Journalism, “Reporters have been using smart phones for a while now but it was never good quality. You might do it when there was a really important story. Now it is beginning to be a realistic possibility to use iPhones and other devices for live reporting, and in the end if you’ve got someone on the scene then you want to be able to use them.”

Turner apparently couldn’t confirm what the development of the new iOS app will cost, but said it is p[art of a wider strategy at the BBC to make better use of smartphones by reporters in the field. The word is the BBC hopes to have the new iOS app live within a month.

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