Motorola Milestone 3 AKA Droid3 Not Releasing in UK

Those Android faithful in the United Kingdom who have an affinity with Motorola’s Milestone smartphones, may well be looking forward to the third instalment in the Milestone line of devices just like their counterparts in the States are with the Motorola Droid 3: however the word is the UK hopefuls are going to be disappointed.

According to the guys over on Android Community, the UK version of the Motorola Droid3, the Motorola Milestone 3 will not release on UK shores, and apparently Motorola isn’t offering any reason as to why.

The guys do surmise that a possibility is that the Motorola Milestone 2 didn’t sell that well and has caused Motorola to reconsider releasing the Android device in the UK, but that is just an assumption as nothing official on the matter has been announced.

The guys haven’t stated where they get this information from, so it could be just a rumour or could be true, and if true there’s always a chance that Motorola will do a turn around at some later point and deliver the Motorola Milestone 3 to the UK, but as it stands, don’t hang onto any hope for the time being.

Does the news of the Motorola Milestone 3 not coming to the UJK disappoint any of our UK readers, where you hoping to pick up the device?

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