Most Expensive Restaurants, Cool World Top 7 App

The Ultimate Challenge: What is the most expensive restaurant in the world? We thought we would let you know about an app for iOS devices called “Cool Restaurants (WORLD TOP 7)”, maybe you could use this app and then let us know what expensive one you find is.

Before we let you know about the iOS app, we would like to give you a few examples of expensive restaurants and meals courtesy of Bloomberg. The most expensive meal to date is the Mario Batali Del Posto in Manhattan; this is a 12-course meal for $1,269 for two people. Gordon Ramsey charges a staggering $343 for a 3-course dinner.

Now to the app, Cool Restaurants (WORLD TOP 7), this app gives you details on the coolest, trendiest and most unique restaurants around the world covering 81 cities. This app will ONLY give you 7 restaurants per city as this cuts down the search and choosing headache, good idea if you ask us.

Apps Main Features Include: Over 600 restaurants in 81 cities on 5 continents, Style and description of each restaurant, Restaurant photos, Share with your friends, Area of the restaurant, Pricing of the restaurant, Full contact details, Suggest new restaurant, Uses Google maps, Visit the restaurants website, Get directions to the restaurant from your current location, Create your favourite list, and so much more. Also comes with 35 restaurants in London (Top7 in London Central, Top7 in London East, Top7 London West, Top7 in London Soho and Top7 in London South).

Readers: Please download this app via iTunes and then please get back to us, we would like to know what restaurant you find and what the price of a meal is. We are looking for the most expensive restaurants in the world. Are you up to the ultimate challenge?

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