Nokia Settlement Success Could Cost Apple a Bundle of Bucks

As reported earlier, the legal wrangle between Apple and Nokia over patent infringement has been settled with Nokia coming out successful and Apple agreeing to licence from the Finish smartphone maker, and now apparently some detail has come down on what that settlement is likely to cost Apple.

According to MacRumors, by way of Zdnet, Kai Korschelt, an analyst for Deutsche Bank estimates that Apple will hand over to Nokia a one off lump sum of approximately €420 million, which is roughly $608 million, which is apparently based on previous industry patent related settlements.

Apparently the estimate assumes that a royalty rate on one percent on all iPhone handsets sold in Q1, so 110 million iPhone units sold at the average cost of 550 bucks.

The analyst also says that Apple will likely deliver royalty payments to Nokia on all future iPhone handsets at the above royalty rate of one percent that would mean Apple handing over about €93 million, roughly $137.6 million per quarter.

Thus if the calculations are spot on it looks like Nokia will be lining their coffers with Apple cash for some considerable time and let’s face it, millions of dollars coming in for basically free has to be good for any company other than the one shelling it out of course.

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