iPhone 5 How It Should Be Photo: Dream On

Keeping it real simple, the iPhone 5 is causing mayhem with the brain of late and in that we mean, when will it release, what features will it have and the main one being, what will it look like. Well a photo has shown up online that looks stunning.

Say hello to Dorian Darko, and NO we do not mean Donnie Darko (Sorry, just a little fun), Dorian is brilliant when it comes to concepts, do you remember when he created the ‘iPhone nano concept’? Well Dorian has now released a photo of the iPhone 5 mockup.

We would love to see the iPhone 5 looking like the picture below, if you look at the image below you will notice that there is no physical home button, which means it is touch sensitive, it also has edge-to-edge display possibly 4-inches of it.

Apple, please take a look at Dorian Darko’s work and make it happen, we would like to see the iPhone 5 look like this with a touch-sensitive home button, 4-inch edge-to-edge display, better speaker, iOS 5 built in when released, bring back the metal back, better CPU, 3D would be a good addition if your up to it.

Please check out doriandarko.deviantart.com where you can zoom in on the photo. Looks great, we would also love to read your comments about the new iPhone 5 concept above. Get the comments flowing, let’s talk about this.

Source – Concept Phones


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