iPhone Photo Sharing App Coming From Facebook

In the world of iOS there are many applications available to the iPhone and Apple iPad, but apparently a new app has recently been exposed, a secret iPhone photo sharing app that none other than Facebook has been working on and is apparently near releasing to the iOS populace.

According to the guys over at Gizmodo, the guys at Tech Crunch discovered the covert photo sharing app for the iPhone from Facebook by somehow obtaining 50MB of pictures and docs that outline the new Facebook made iOS app.

Although the guys are still rifling through all the available info they do say the iOS app does look amazing and the word is that the app might be called “WithPeople” or “Hovertown.”

Apparently also although said app looks like a standalone app at present, there are “signs” that the new iOS app could be integrated into the main Facebook website and the main Facebook iPhone app. The guys do say they you could think of the app as “Path meets Instagram meets Color” with several extra sweet twists.

There’s not much other detail on the Facebook iPhone photo sharing app at present, but the guys will be digging deeper to find out as much as they can and of course when we here we’ll pass it along.

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