Samsung Galaxy S2 for Hackers: Controversial Unlike Apple

Samsung is surely heading toward the modders camp with heads held high, unlike Apple who likes to hide things. Free Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphones are being handed out to hackers, yes we got that right, and hackers will have a good chance to show Samsung what they possess.

Rivals such as Microsoft and Apple will not allow anyone to see what they do not want you to see, where Samsung is allowing hackers the chance to see the development process of its products, ITProPortal reports that Samsung has sent the CyanogenMod team a free SGS2.

InfoSecurity Magazine reported news about a tweet via Cyanogen hacker AtinM quoting “W00t! Just received the SGS2 from Samsung so we can work on CyanogenMod for it! You will not hear me bad-mouth Samsung again. :)”.

Is Samsung being controversial? No, we think they are just being honest and not hiding anything, as they do not need to hide nothing. It could be a ploy or something so that hackers can work with Samsung to produce better things in the future, if this is the case then look forward to amazing projects.

Will Samsung allow users to run codes without the manufacturers consent? That is a question we would like our readers to answer. Please do use the commenting area below and let us know what you think.

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