iPhone 5 and Motorola Photon Set for Worldphone Fight

Well the latest bit of speculation is obviously revolving around the iPhone 5 and the rumour that Apple’s next iOS smartphone will sport both CDMA and GSM radios making the smartphone a so called worldphone, and that when Apple finally release the iPhone 5, presumed to be sometime in September, Motorola will be able to challenge the iPhone 5 with the Motorola Photon.

According to an article over on ibtimes, with Apple holding off releasing the iPhone 5 until the rumoured “September” launch, they have opened the gate to Motorola to take advantage and launch their worldphone, the Motorola Photon.

The Motorola Photon is a 4G and 3G enabled Android smartphone that can be used on Sprint’s CDMA and WiMAX networks along with GSM for international networks much the same as the unlocked iPhone 4.

The article goes on to claim that the Motorola Photon will offer “stiff competition” to the iPhone 5 when the device arrives sometime in September during Apple’s iPod refresh event.

Yes well, I’m not too certain that Apple has confirmed in any shape or form that they will release the iPhone 5 in September and as far as I am aware it’s still speculation. As for whether the Motorola Photon could offer up still competition to the iPhone 5 in the worldphone stakes, well there have been many smartphone in the past that have laid claim to being an iPhone killer, but thus far the iPhone still hold the crown.

What are our readers opinions on this matter, if Apple were to deliver the iPhone 5 in September would it face stiff competition from the Motorola Photon?

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