Verizon Ad Touts Mystifying Android Honeycomb Tablet

It appears that there is some kind of mystifying Android Honeycomb tablet that might be headed for the Big Red network as Verizon put out an advert touting the Android slate; however very quickly set the advert video to private so we don’t actually have the footage for your consideration.

The guys over at Droid-life spotted the new Verizon commercial and say the Android slate isn’t the Motorola Xoom but does sport an identical speaker as the Xoom but the slate is “too upright” to be the Android 3.1 Honeycomb Xoom, and also sports a different camera.

Apparently the guys also believe this mysterious tablet is not the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, but do explain that “The Verizon coverage bar that they quickly show looks like something straight out of a iDevice, but it’s definitely running Honeycomb.”

Unfortunately like I said the video is no longer available, so it’s difficult to try and work out just what this Verizon branded tablet is, and the guys state it could just be a place holder, but there is apparently a new Motorola Xoom in the works, so perhaps this could be it…any suggestions?

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