iPING Putter iOS App: Golfing Made Better

For all you golfers out there with an iPhone 4 in your pocket that might need a little help on the golf course when it comes to putting that ball into that small hole, you might be pleased to know that there will soon be an app for your iPhone 4 that can help you with your putting prowess called iPING.

According to the guys over at Ubergizmo by way of Engadet, the iPING iOS app measures the users impact angle, stroke type, and tempo that you can compare with your golfing friends. Your iOS device sits into a cradle that you then snap onto the shaft just below the grip.

And we have a video demo of iPING for your viewing pleasure below that comes our way courtesy of the PING YouTube page and takes you through how to use the new iPING app.

The iPING cradles for the iPhone 4 can be purchased at any golf shop while the iPING iOS app will be available as a free download from iTunes as of tomorrow the 20th June, so until then if you need a little help with your putting head on down and check out the iPING demo footage…enjoy.

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