EVO 3D Up For Pre-order for Sprint Premier Customers

For those that are patiently waiting for the HTC EVO 3D smartphone to become available, it appears of you are a Sprint premier customer you can now go ahead and pre-order the Android 2.3 Gingerbread glasses free 3D handset.

According to the guys over at Android Central Sprint premier customer can pre-order the HTC EVO 3D direct from the Sprint website which will apparently cost 199 bucks when signing your life away for a period of two years.

However, if you are now a Sprint premier customer, fear not because you will only have a few extra days to wait until you can grab the HTC EVO 3D as is will become available as of the 24th of this month to all.

So there you go, three extra days isn’t that long to wait if you have been waiting this long to snap up the HTC EVO 3D is it, although according to the guys when the pre-order for the Android handset went live the Sprint website was “hammered,” so there seems to be quite a bit of interest in the device.

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