iPhone 5 Release Date August, September Confusion

I have to say all the speculation over when Apple will release the iPhone 5 is getting quite confusing and to be honest fairly tiresome, as the speculated date for the launch of Apple next generation iOS smartphone seems to change from day to day.

Only yesterday there was a rumour that Apple would announce the iPhone 5 in August and release it to the iOS faithful by the end of the month, now according to and article over on Ubergizmo, the guys at Bloomberg have pegged the iPhone 5 will arrive sometime later in September.

Apparently this September date comes from two “people familiar with the plans” as usual also unnamed, and that the iPhone 5 will sport an A5 processor, the same as in the Apple iPad 2 along with an 8 megapixel camera, stuff we’ve all heard before in other rumours.

Also one on the unnamed sources said that Apple is testing a “new version” of the Apple iPad that sports a higher resolution screen that is similar to the iPhone 4 display, again nothing we haven’t heard before.

So it gets kind of difficult to know which report to believe and not believe when it comes to iPhone 5 speculation, but the only thing we can all really bank on is that the iPhone 5 will release to the iPhone faithful only when Apple is ready and all else up until that point just confuses the situation.

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