Amazon Appstore Trademark Battle, Apple Likely To Lose

As you probably know, Apple got in all of a huff over Amazon using the term “Appstore” for the Amazon Android application store and thus Apple did what Apple usually does and claims trademark rights over the term and issued a trademark infringement lawsuit against Amazon, which continues, but this time Apple just might not get their way.

According to an article over on Slash Gear, Business Week is reporting that the iOS firm’s attempt to stop Amazon from using “appstore” is more than likely to be denied, no doubt much to Apple’s chagrin.

Apparently US District Judge Phyllis Hamilton, presiding over the case has stated, “she will “probably” deny the motion because Apple has failed to demonstrate confusion among consumers.” However, the judge will review the court docs before coming to a conclusion.

Actually I agree with Amazon and the judge on this, it shouldn’t be allowed that anyone can lay claim to a term, especially in the smartphone and tablet arena where apps as are used and personally I don’t think Apple should have everything their own way anyway.

What are our reader’s views on this matter, should Apple have complete control over the term app store, or should others have free use of if?

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