iTowel Ultimate Beach Accessory for iOS Faithful

Now the iOS faithful and show off their love of their favourite platform whilst sunbathing or swimming at the beach with the iTowel, a high quality beach towel for the iPhone and Apple iPad user or for anyone else for that matter as I’m sure its not a prerequisite to actually adore Apple gear to own one.

The iTowel has been designed by Adventure House, and plays off numerous apps such as iCod, Surfari, and Need for Speedo, although there’s no word on when you can actually purchase the iTowel or how much it will cost.

However according to the guys over at Daily iPhone Blog there is an opportunity to win an iTowel, and the Adventure House Blog is running a contest, and all you need to do is either like them on Facebook or tweet about iTowel on Twitter.

Apparently more details on the iTowel will be available the week of June the 27th so maybe we’ll find out more then. So who’s up for winning an iTowel, or will you be purchasing one as soon as they become available or do you think this is taking the love of iOS a tad too far?

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