iPhone By The Million Plays Nice on T-Mobile USA

Although everyone is wondering when Apple will finally put their stamp of approval on a T-Mobile iPhone, it appears there are quite a few iPhone users already playing nice on the T-Mobile USA network anyway, and without the need for an Apple contract as these are unlocked iPhone units.

And the word is it’s not just a few either, as according to TiPb, the guys over at 9to5 Mac have heard from a spokesperson for T-Mobile USA, who stated that there are already over one million iPhone handsets that use T-Mobile supplied micorSIMs, or support AWS bands.

Although apparently the majority of said iPhone devices aren’t the iPhone 4 but rather earlier iOS devices, which means there are at least one million people have either an unlocked or jailbroken iPhone, have copped down their SIM card and are willing to run on 2G just so they can be with T-Mobile.

Which makes one wonder just how many more people would be willing to purchase an iPhone on T-Mobile if or when Apple gets round to delivering the device doesn’t it. Are any of our reader’s waiting patiently for Apple to deliver an iPhone for T-Mobile?

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