iPhone Outranks Android, BlackBerry, Nokia As Preferred Purchase in Europe

It would appear that Apple is still doing big business over in Europe with the iPhone, as according to a new survey early findings have shown that the popular iOS smartphone is still the favourite as a future purchase for those in Europe.

According to the guys over at the Boy Genius Report, next month the Yankee Group will release their European Mobile User Study, which apparently shows that 40 percent of smartphone buyers in Europe plan on purchasing the iPhone as their next smartphone.

Behind the iPhone comes Android with 19 percent planning on purchasing a device, followed by BlackBerry with 17 percent and bringing up the rear is Nokia with 15 percent planning on purchasing a Nokia handset.

Declan Lonergan, research VP for Yankee Group said, “These findings highlight the continued strength of Apple in the European smartphone market and, in particular, its phenomenal brand appeal.”

The survey took in some 5000 consumers along with 2250 IT employees and “IT decision makers,” across the UK, Germany, Spain, France, and Italy.

So there you have it, it looks like Apple and the iPhone still commands over its rivals when it comes to European’s planning on purchasing a new smartphone.

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